9 hole pace is 2hrs. 18 hole pace is 4hrs.

You must play at this pace or keep up with the group in front of you – If you cannot keep up to this pace -then pis let the quicker players play through.

Some Helpful Tips for Improving Your Pace of Play:

  • Taking power carts is always faster than walking
  • Be on time and be ready-clubs loaded on, glove on, ball in hand, drinks loaded up etc. Be ready to go.
  • When it is your turn, be ready to hit. No storytelling on the tee. Save the stories and visiting for your walk down the fairway
  • Play ready golf. Whoever is ready should hit.
  • Limit yourself to one practice swing when on the course
  • If you want to practice your swing, go to the Range and practice, don’t do it on the course
  • Watch where your ball goes and watch where the other players’ balls land too. This makes for fewer lost balls and less searching
  • After you have teed off, go directly to your ball. No need to walk to the other player’s ball unless they need help finding it
  • Walk quickly. It is good for your health.
  • Lost balls. Take 30 seconds to look. If not found, play on (they make more balls every day)
  • On fairways. When you get to your ball, play it. There is no need to wait for the person on the other side of the fairway who is 10 yards behind you to hit. There is no play order, play ready golf.
  • Chipping. Play ready golf
  • On the greens. Play ready golf. There is no order. Whoever is ready can play, and you should always putt it out as long as you aren’t interfering with another golfer’s line.
  • When done putting, clear the green area quickly. Put clubs away and mark scorecards when you get to the next tee box.
  • You can still have FUN and play quickly!!

Quesnel Men’s Club supports this policy and the Helpful Tips.

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